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Rosenau says goodbye to CO2!

It is important to us that the students of ROSENAU deal with the topics of climate protection and sustainability. This also includes the energy supply of the future. With scientific facts and an examination of their way of life, we want to enable the young people with this project to develop their own opinion and own attitude to these important topics.

As a school, we want to set a good example and therefore also make our energy supply more sustainable.

Roger John, Principal

Local voices on the campaign

«The Energy Strategy 2050 is a project for generations. The OZ Rosenau is making a valuable contribution by working in depth on the topic of renewable energies.»

Claudia Martin / City Councillor, Cantonal Councillor, Head of the Department of Utilities Security, President of the Municipal Utilities Commission

«The evolution to green clean economy is challenging & exciting at the same time. A pioneering role in green clean will bring us economic benefits and secure jobs for the youth.»

Markus Mauchle / Business Manager TechCom, Member of the Municipal Utilities Commission

«This project offers students a great opportunity to learn about important climate issues in a varied, exciting and sustainable way.»

Manuela Latzer / Board member of the Parents' Forum


Sold Out!

Rosenau Upper School has successfully completed the crowdfunding of the «Every School Counts – Climate Protection Makes School» campaign. The sale of 500 ideal CO2 educational units enables the implementation of effective student projects on the topics of climate, energy and sustainability, as well as numerous measures to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. Some projects and educational activities already carried out can be found under «News».

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