Climate School program

The four-year educational program Climate School by MYBLUEPLANET brings the topics of climate protection and sustainability to Swiss schools in a long-term and experience-oriented manner. In doing so, they make a concrete contribution to the energy transition.

Campaign year

The program begins with an original campaign and crowdfunding. «Every Cell and Every School Counts!» enables schools to realize their climate protection projects.


4 years, 10 criteria, 1 label:

After successful completion of the four-year  program and implementation of the ten criteria, schools receive the «Climate School» label. It recognizes schools that are particularly committed to climate protection.

Embrace the program with sound and vision

These schools need your support

By making a donation, you help schools reduce their carbon footprint and enable them to implement effective climate protection projects.

Climate School in numbers (04.2024)


from eight different cantons


act now for climate protection


Number of donated CO2 education units from parents, friends, local businesses or clubs

Solar plants

with 2.6 MWp

CO2 saved

Our calculation: 101g CO2-eq/kWh (difference between Swiss consumer electricity mix and solar electricity)

Biodiversity Promotion Area

Twelve school areas and surroundings redesigned close to nature

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