A community project begins

The campaign year sets the course for achieving the broadest possible impact and  increased enthusiasm in the school and community.

The school launches a crowdfunding campaign with an attention-grabbing slogan (ECC or ESC) and collects donations in its community, which are used for additional climate protection projects at the school. The donors (parents, population, political representatives or local companies) fill the school’s climate fund and are continuously informed on and involved in the implemented projects. Together they pursue a sustainable vision. The ECC and ESC campaigns have an impact beyond school boundaries and strengthen community cohesion.

Support the schools with a donation of CHF 40 or an amount of your choice and include a motivational message with photo to your school of choice.

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«Every Cell Counts – Solar Energy Comes to School!» ECC

During the ECC campaign, the school deals intensively with the topic of energy. How central is electricity in everyday life and what are the effects of our high energy consumption? The importance of renewable energy is also addressed and included in the crowdfunding campaign.  Schools involved in the ECC campaign sell «symbolic solar cells» for more awareness in sustainable energy.

The final project on energy is a major highlight in the climate school programme. The school installs a solar panel system on its own roof. This not only provides them with their own solar power, but also gives the pupils a unique opportunity: they are allowed to actively help with the construction together with the installation team and get to know renewable energies in a tangible way. Because we don’t want a solar panel system without education!

After completion of the solar panel installation, the school receives a display screen, the so-called Solarfox. It visualizes the energy data of the school’s own solar panel system, the CO2 emissions saved and the educational aspect continues.

Our solar plants in figures (07.2023)


Solar plants

With 2.4 MWp


CO2 saved

Our calculation: 101g CO2-eq/kWh (difference between Swiss consumer electricity mix and solar electricity)

> 4.8 Mio.


Investments for local added value

The Climate School team actively supports the schools in crowdfunding and takes over the entire project coordination for the final project.

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«Every School Counts – Climate Protection Comes to School!» ESC

During the ESC campaign, the focus is on biodiversity and nutrition. In line with this, crowdfunding donors invest in «CO2 education units» for long-term climate protection and an environment in balance.
As a final project, schools redesign their school grounds to be close to nature and implement projects ranging from raised beds, flower meadows and branch piles to nesting boxes. Together with experts from BirdLife Switzerland, the students create habitats and structures for various animal and plant species. Subsequent grades also follow up on the projects and work to promote and preserve biodiversity on their school grounds. The goal is to incorporate biodiversity as part of the curriculum.
The Climate School team actively supports the schools in crowdfunding and takes over the entire project coordination for the final project in cooperation with BirdLife Switzerland.
Climate School services

Climate Fund

In the first year, the school fills its climate fund and uses it to cover the financing of future climate protection projects and educational activities in subsequent years, as well as a share of the support costs for the climate school team.

In addition to marketing aids such as flyers or posters, schools can raise additional funds in creative ways: sponsored runs, bake sales, betting with local companies, Christmas bazaars etc.

Climate Council

Each school establishes a Climate Council consisting of students and teachers. These individuals are responsible for the climate fund, meet regularly and implement the Climate School programme within the school. The student group represents the voice of the school and can contribute ideas, have a say and learn about their own scope for action. Initial work experience can be gained, and a certificate at the end of the school year should ease in entering the professional world.