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Our vision – our motivation. Together with you and 1000s of other committed climate supporters, we are doing everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve the Swiss energy strategy goals. Climate protection concerns us all. Individuals, schools, companies and local authorities can all get involved with the Climate School and make a contribution to combating climate change.

You can support participating schools on their way to becoming a Climate School or invest in the further development of the programme. Either way: we and the climate thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

For Municipal and Energycity

Climate School is a community project that works for the entire population.It strengthens community cohesion and brings sustainability awareness to all sectors of society. Are you Energycity-certified or would you like to be? We offer the following advantages.

A flagship project for your community

  • Climate school as an important measure of the municipality for the energy city inventory (see the criteria grid points 2.2.2, 6.2.2, 6.2.6)
  • Networking opportunities for local businesses, plus professional media and PR support as part of the campagin and local projects.
  • Support of your municipality’s energy policy and biodiversity goals, Switzerland’s climate goals and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. 


Sustainable Development Goals

Your one-stop sustainability solution

We project-manage and run the entire Impact Day, saving hours of planning time for schools and local authority staff.

Installing a solar plant on a school roof

  • Technical feasibility study (from roof inspection to construction)
  • Project management and communication between the school, the financing partners and the solar panel installer.
  • Clean solar electricity at the lowest cost in Switzerland, produced locally for use in school.
  • Introduction or promotion of sales of green electricity from the school’s own supply. 

Environmentally-friendly redesign of school ground

  • Expert feasibility study
  • Central point of contact between local providers and school
  • Promotion and conservation of biodiversity with actionable suggestions
  • Expert planning and implementation of environmentally-friendly play areas