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Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. That is why we look to the younger generation: A four-year educational program sensitizes schools to climate-relevant issues and anchors sustainability in daily school life, in lessons and in the infrastructure over the long term.

Our experience-oriented and practical educational approach promotes a long-term change in behavior among the students. In class, on Action Days, during school visits or excursions, they can actively participate, gather their own experiences and exchange ideas with experts in the field. Climate School offers a platform for action and explores the following key topics in greater depth:

 – Energy & Mobility
– Biodiversity & Nutrition
– Resources & Waste

Become a Climate Schol

The Action Days in the campaign year

The path to the Climate School Label

We award Swiss schools that are particularly committed to climate protection. After completing the educational program and fulfilling a catalog of criteria, the schools receive the Climate School Label.

Catalog of Criteria

Energy Schools become Climate Schools and vice versa

Energy School is a designation awarded by the Energiestadt Association for schools that are focusing on the topic of energy in depth. The aim is to reduce the school’s energy consumption, increase the proportion of renewable energy and promote the conscious use of energy and mobility.Energy and Climate Schools recognize each other’s achievements. You can find out more about the benefits for schools here.

A joint project for school and community

The program launches with a campaign and related crowdfunding. Participating schools collect donations in their communities to implement school projects for climate protection. Parents, the community, local businesses and other groups fill the school’s climate fund, supporting the shared sustainable vision. The implementation status and program accomplishments are relayed to the public. The «Every Cell Counts» and «Every School Counts» campaigns have an impact beyond school boundaries.

Education catalog

Our backpack is stocked full of opportunities to integrate climate protection and sustainability into daily school life in exciting ways. The educational catalog contains offers and learning materials for the classroom, excursion ideas, films, project weeks, school visits and much more. The didactic prinicples are linked to curriculum 21 and help teachers to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (BNE) in regular lessons.

Education catalog

The educational units we offer can be booked both as a prospective Climate School but also by interested schools.

Air Travel Climate Conference Continuing education for teachers

Network partners

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Are you organizing an informational event on the topic of energy and climate education? We give your audience inspiration, motivation and share our many years of experience.

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Pascal Werle,

Principal of Looren secondary school

«We had a very positive experience of the action days. Apart from the content that was taught, we had a great cooperation with the climate school team. The teachers were in a good mood and the students were beaming, laughing and having fun. I think that’s the best report card you can get.»

René Riedel,

Project Manager at Brändle Gebäudehüllen AG

«The students knew astonishingly much on the topic of photovoltaics and were very engaged. For us, the project was a great success. We were happy to participate and would do it again anytime.»

Daniel Stamm,

President of the Bichelsee-Balterswil elementary school community

«Collaborating with the pedagogical team at MYBLUEPLANET saved us a lot of work when it came to implementing the «sustainability» content in curriculum 21. Working with MYBLUEPLANET was very interesting and instructive for the entire teaching team.»

Benedikt Oeschger,

Student at Kantonsschule Büelrain Winterthur

«By participating in the project, the topic of sustainability gains great importance in daily school life. As a result, many discussions and actions were and are initiated and a contribution to environmental and climate protection is made.»