Sekundarschule Stadel ZH

We are unique – and so is the world.

Inspired by the student parliament, we are setting out on the path to becoming a «Climate School». As a school community, we are taking an active approach to our future on this planet. The young people should experience themselves ‘as the architect of their own happiness’: Sustainability will therefore not remain as an empty word in a document, but will be implemented in action, thought and discourse. We are actively networking with the population, the business community, the authorities and organizations in our region and invite everyone to become co-actors on our path to a good future.
Already in the first of four years, we will send a clear signal by building a solar plant: «Just do it!»
Framed by activities in and around the classroom, we will produce a portion of our energy needs ourselves and seek you as partners in our plans. In the following years, we will implement further projects with a focus on energy, resources and biodiversity in the classroom, around the school facility and in the organizational structure. The students experience themselves as part of our school and help to steer the developments.
Thank you for your participation!

Roger Hiltebrand & Mirco Schlatter
School management Sekundarschule Stadel

Local voices

«I observe with concern how soils are heavily compacted, sealed and large balancing landscapes disappear because of building pressure. PLANT TREES – should become the motto of the coming years. Generations were dependent on the valuable building material and its heating energy. In the future, we will effectively depend on their cooling through the essential water evaporation, shading and air filtration in hot periods!»

Thomas Meier / Owner Meier Gärten AG, Gartenbau & Raritätenbaumschulen, Niederglatt

«Biodiversity is under pressure: It is important that children and young people learn how we influence our environment. I am pleased that the Stadel secondary school is steering its students towards a climate and biodiversity-friendly future!»

Stefan Heller / Director BirdLife Nature Center Neeracherried, Environmental Scientist

«Careless use of our living space has a negative impact on our lives in the long term. High exhaust gas levels in cities, microplastics in the world’s oceans or pesticides in the soil and drinking water are man-made and endanger all living creatures on earth. We must think and act more ecologically and use resources more sustainably. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why it’s worth raising their awareness and teaching them different behavioral patterns.»

Cyrill Tait / Municipal council Zurzach, contact person to the school administration Stadel for the concerns of the children of Kaiserstuhl AG

«I wish that our children’s children can also still enjoy the diversity of the four seasons. Everyone can do something great for themselves in small ways.
The secondary school Stadel is showing the way. Thank you for this commitment!»

Daniela Huber / Local councilor Stadel


Project partners

Sold Out!

The Sekundarschule Stadel has successfully completed the crowdfunding of the «Every School Counts – Climate Protection Makes School» campaign. The sale of 500 ideal CO2 educational units enables the implementation of effective student projects on the topics of climate, energy and sustainability, as well as numerous measures to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. Some projects and educational activities already carried out can be found under «News».

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Join the community

By subscribing to the newsletter you show your support and become a voice in our community. We report regularly (in German) on the action and experience-oriented school activities in the environment and energy lessons and are pleased about your interest. Join us during the next four program years on our way to becoming a Climate School. We hope to win you over for effective climate protection in everyday life and to carry our message to the outside world.


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    Click here to find photos and videos regarding Stadel on the german project page