Kantonsschule am Burggraben

The cantonal school in St.Gallen wants to please nature

The human-made climate changes move our teenagers and young adults. That is why we, as a school, are setting up together to become a «Climate School».
The transfer of specialist knowledge and the examination of topics such as energy, mobility, biodiversity and waste increase our awareness of our livelihoods. On the action days, we use our own projects to experience how theoretical knowledge can be turned into concrete action. This strengthens our confidence in the future and enriches us beyond our everyday school life.
We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for the Climate School with everyone!

Michael Lütolf, Principal

Local voices

«The young people of today are shaping the world of tomorrow – and so are the students at KSBG. In the Climate School, they can get involved and learn what a sustainable way of life looks like. I am pleased that my school is taking this path and contributing to the big picture through its actions.»

Milena Schärli / Member student organization

«Achieving our climate goals requires informed and motivated young people: In a Climate School, students not only learn the connections between our behavior and climate change, but also discover in a very practical way how renewable electricity is generated, what sustainable nutrition means, and how biodiversity can be preserved. They learn how to help shape a climate-neutral future.»

Franziska Ryser / National Councillor Green Party St. Gallen

«On our way to climate neutrality, we deal with the contribution that energy supply can make to CO2 reduction on a daily basis. In this context, it is enormously important to raise awareness among the younger generation and to inspire them to think and act in an ecological and climate-friendly way in the long term. We are pleased that we can make an active contribution to this with our commitment to the Climate School.»

Marco Letta / Corporate Manager St. Gallen Public Utilities

«The young generation has a central role to play in implementing a climate-friendly future. We must use this potential – at the Burggraben Cantonal School as well as at the University of St. Gallen – together, now.»

Prof. Dr. Merla Kubli / Assistant Professor for Managing Climate Solutions, University of St. Gallen


Project partners

Sold out!

The Kantonsschule am Burggraben has successfully completed the crowdfunding of the «Every School Counts – Climate Protection Makes School» campaign. The sale of 500 ideal CO2 educational units enables the implementation of effective student projects on the topics of climate, energy and sustainability, as well as numerous measures to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. Some projects and educational activities already carried out can be found under «News».


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