Sekundarschule Gelterkinden BL

We give everything for a good climate!

It is of great concern to us to impart life skills to the students that open up a positive perspective for the future. Subject knowledge is supplemented by interdisciplinary aspects, such as climate change, the energy issue or biodiversity. Interrelationships are conveyed and backgrounds are illuminated. But what kind of future do we want?

Visions of the future are developed with the students and concrete projects are implemented. Questioning, discussing and designing solutions enables them to come to terms with their attitudes and points of view. Together, we shape the path of the future.

We invite you to support us on this path.

Roger Leoni, Principal

Local voices on the campaign

«Our children and grandchildren also need fair opportunities for education, work and life. We want to leave them our country in such a way that nature, population and economy are in balance. The secondary school Gelterkinden faces these questions for the future.»

Thomas Weber / Head of the Department of Economic Affairs and Health Basel-Landschaft

«Nature needs free spaces in order to unfold. The diversity of nature as a valuable basis for life should be able to be experienced, close and everyday. The school area of the Sek Gelterkinden can also offer space for new life.»

Florence Brenzikofer / National Councillor, Vice President Green Switzerland, Secondary School Teacher

«A climate-friendly future needs determined action from motivated young people. Only when students learn what a sustainable lifestyle looks like can we achieve our global CO2 target: I am very pleased that my former school is taking on this task.»

Marie-Claire Graf / Member Climate Youth, President Swiss Association of Student Organizations for Sustainability, UN Climate Ambassador

«Energy and an intact environment are key factors in our modern society. The careful use of available resources as well as the promotion of renewable energies will determine all our lives. The secondary school Gelterkinden should follow this signpost into the future.»

Claudio Weichsel / Managing Directors Hasler and Reinle

«Learning to use our limited resources sustainably is part of our school’s educational mission. Only when solutions are demonstrated, when action turns the possible into the feasible, will our youth be prepared for the future.»

Martin Rüegg / School board member, local councilor, high school teacher



Sold Out!

The Sekundarschule Gelterkinden has successfully completed the crowdfunding of the «Every School Counts – Climate Protection Makes School» campaign. The sale of 500 ideal CO2 educational units enables the implementation of effective student projects on the topics of climate, energy and sustainability, as well as numerous measures to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. Some projects and educational activities already carried out can be found under «News».


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